HG Living Edinburgh Development Supports Social Innovation Charity



HG Living is supporting ‘People Know How’, a Scottish social innovation charity, through a multi-stakeholder partnership which will see the organisation establish a new community space in the Strait Meadows student accommodation development and create valuable volunteering opportunities for student residents.

The Edinburgh-based Strait Meadows development is run by ‘Homes for Students’, one of the largest independent student accommodation providers in the UK and Ireland. HG Living developed the scheme and worked closely with the client and other stakeholders to facilitate the new on-site premises for ‘People Know How’ as part of their commitment to creating social value.

People Know How is a Scottish social innovation charity with a passion for solving social issues. Through collaborating across the four sectors, the organisation runs services that support all parts of the community including children, young people, families, and adults while providing a range of volunteering, internship and placement opportunities.

The new community space in Straits Meadow, London Road will ensure that the development makes a significant contribution to the local community, providing a space for collaboration, making connections, sharing learning and exchanging ideas.

Glenn Liddall, Chief Executive & Founder of People Know How said: “We are delighted to be able to avail of this new community space thanks to HG Living and Homes for Students, and we are excited about offering a wide range of volunteering opportunities to student tenants. The new premises will enable us to support more people with our services and encourage community cohesion through bringing students and citizens together. Our space will be open for all visitors interested in finding out more about People Know How, our services, and how to get involved with the local community. We look forward to speaking with the students to identify how we can support them as much as they support us through their volunteering, tailor-making each experience to ensure their goals are met.”

Rob Greaves, Director, HG Living, said: “We are delighted to be providing People for Home with a fantastic new hub which will enable them to support more people and create new volunteering opportunities. This set-up will facilitate the development of mutually beneficial relationships between People for Homes, the community and the student residents, providing engagement opportunities and connecting them to the local area.

“At HG Living we are committed to creating well designed, sustainable homes and places that benefit residents, the local community and the surrounding environment. This innovative initiative is a great example of a development making a positive, lasting community contribution and we wish People Know How every success as they expand their services further.”